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History is written by the victorious.

For a long time the truth has been defeated by the Masters as they rule the Earth through deceit and lies.


In the Heart of New York, the explosion of a young muslim student on a packed commuter train, sets in motion a series of events that leads a simple call centre manager on a journey to unlock the truth about Jesus, about Religion, about Hitler, about The Legacy Families and most shockingly, about the plans of the American President, Joe Biden.


Follow Theo Miller on his epic adventure as he follows an unexpected path to the Vatican’s secrets, buried deep under St Paul's Basilica. Ultimately leading him to the site of the Crucifiction of Christ in the heart of the nuclear wasteland that Baghdad has become. His greatest wish is to save us all.

But be careful what you wish for, it may come true.


Open your eyes to the battle between the Catholic controlled Western Civilisations and the Muslim dominated Middle Eastern Societies.


Then Spare a thought for the Human’s, stuck in the middle as the battle for control of Earth heats up in this fast paced, controversial, debut novel from.


The Anonymous Author_Official

Nibiru Rising - Black Edition


All products sold by The Anonymous Publishing House are covered by our unlimited, money back guarantee. 

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