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Car Dealers & Other (Honourable) Professions - 2nd Edition


The classic Car Dealers & Other Professions has had an upgrade and in this special 2nd edition, we get extended tales from the Author and over 60 colourful and unique chapter art contributions from the one and only Anonymous Jase.


Beautifully wound together in this hilarious tale of a modern day Arthur Dailey tying to make his way.


This is for an unsigned copy of this unique work of literature.



Car Sales & Other Professions.


The 1960s to the 2000s were when Car Dealers sold cars, drugs, and sex. Government authorities never questioned the practice of bribery and corruption. It was an accepted way of doing business.


NSW state had the finest police force money could buy. Illegal gambling flourished. Most horse racing was corrupt; everyone from the trainer to the stable hand knew the winner except the hapless punter and sometimes the owner.


I was shot, stabbed, bashed, glassed, and car firebombed.

“I’m still breathing.”


I smuggled US dollars out of Korea and Gold out of The Philippines.

“I’m still free.”


 In 2009 I was diagnosed with a crippling muscle disease.

“I’m still standing.”


I apologise for my errant ways, it's not who I am; it's what I did. Nobody can change the past. We learn from mistakes and become better people. We are products of our times.


Anonymous Author - Mullane

Car Dealers and Other (Honourable) Professions - Black Edition


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