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The Anonymous Publishing House thrives to enable free speech to reign in this world.


Our Authors educate the world and ask the questions others are too afraid to ask.


Our merchandise supports this cause and helps support our authors in print, on air, and on social media.


This is our Premium LED Mouse Pad and as you can see from the pictures, it looks AWESOME.


It plugs into your PC through USB and has an array of LED colours to choose from.


Sizes: Inches

23.6 x 11.8

27.6 x 13.8

31.5 x 11.8

35.4 x 15.7




Made to add that flashy finishing touch on any gamer's desk, this LED mouse pad brings a wow factor unlike anything else. Made with a precision surface featuring an advanced blend of soft cloth and fine fabric, it lends itself to smooth mouse action and perfectly controlled flicks. Comes with detachable USB connector and non-slip backing for steady aim.

APH - LED Gaming MousePad


APH - LED Gaming Mouse Pad

  • Looks Great
  • Feels Great
  • Lights Up 
  • 4 Sizes to Choose from

Comes with USB connector

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