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Who is The Anonymous Publishing House?

Edward Murrow

28 Jan 2023

Behind the scenes of this Boutique Disruptor of the Publishing Industry

Anonymous Publishing House is the latest venture from the group of hacktivists known as Anonymous. Founded in 2020, the publishing house is dedicated to providing a platform for authors, artists, and activists of all kinds to share their work with the world. The website,, offers a range of services including self-publishing, editing, and marketing.

Started in Early 2020 this Publisher has taken on the Novels the rest of the industry declined, not becasue they were not well written, but the subject matter made them nervous. In their first Novel - The Nibiru Chronicles they printed a book that was immediately banned in 4 countries and got the atention of the world.

Their second novel, The Sargo Incident is a whistelblower tale of a US Submarine that spilled thousands of gallons of radiated water into Pearl Harbour. Classified as True Fiction this tense recounting of the events was immediately shaddow banned in the US.

Following behind these first two bestsellers are novels from Fleming, Reuben and Eastwood. Each in their won way not suitable for the mainstream, but still with stories to be told.

Authors or artists can upload their work to the website and receive feedback from experienced editors. The site also provides information on how to market and promote the work.

The publishing house also has an online shop where readers can purchase ebooks and other products. The shop offers a range of books, from non-fiction to fiction, as well as other products such as t-shirts and art prints. The website also provides a range of educational resources, such as writing tutorials and advice, as well as information on copyright law and self-publishing.

Anonymous Publishing House has declared its mission to be “to empower and amplify voices that have been silenced or neglected by traditional publishing outlets.” The founders of the publishing house have stated that they believe in freedom of expression, and they strive to provide a safe and secure space for authors and artists to share their work with the world.

The publishing house has garnered attention from the media and has been featured in a number of outlets, ranging from the New York Times to the Guardian. The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the publishing house for its commitment to free speech and fostering a vibrant community of authors and artists.

The future of Anonymous Publishing House looks bright, and the group of hacktivists behind the venture are hopeful that their efforts will make a strong impact on the publishing industry.

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