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White House Press Secretary Slams APH and Sargo

Edward Murrow

23 Nov 2022

Sargo Recieves Critical Aclaim, but gets slammed as "unpatriotic" by KJP

After launching on November the 14th 2022 The Sargo Incident, by The Anonymous Author Kenanas has already made waves larger than the Submarine the story is about.

Detailing the radiation leak that happened aboard the USS Sargo in December 1979, the book outlines the US Navy's cover up of the incident that cost half the crew their lives and left over 200 locals dead or dying from unexplained or sudden and aggresive cancers.

Taken from the hand written notes of a protected Source, the book is classified as 'True Fiction' and is written by a former investagative journalist under the handle - Kenanas in an attempt to protect all those involved. Kanenas, himself a previous Amnesty International Press Award recipient, still to this day hasn't shared the details of the Source behind it all, aside from the scanned pages from the original diaries found on the APH website.

Already recieving rave reviews and critical acclaim for its detailed and unusual style it wasnt long before the first cracks began to appear in the form of a direct attack from newly appointment White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre. Saying in her Press Briefing last Thursday that:

"The President believes strongly in the classified nature of classified material and doesnt see how,The Anonymous Publishing House, or this new author are any different to the illegal activities of Wiki leaks and other Anonymous organisations."

When pushed to add further she did add that the White House supported investigating any forms of mis-information or leaking of classified materials by any organisation, including this Anonymous Puclishing House.

Already the book appears to be shadow banned on but is easily available in all other countries and directly through the Anonymous Pulbishing House website.

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