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The Sargo Incident Shortlisted For Book of The Year

Edward Murrow

2 Apr 2023

Military Literary Guild's Book of the Year Competition In Final Stages

The Military Literary Guild's Book of the Year competition is one of the most anticipated events in the world of literature, particularly for military literature enthusiasts. Each year, the competition brings together some of the most insightful and well-written titles related to military history, both non-fiction and fiction. This year's shortlist includes an interesting and insightful book, The Sargo Incident, which has been written by an anonymous author known only as Kanenas.

The Sargo Incident is a whistleblower's account of a nuclear accident that occurred in Pearl Harbor in December of 1979. It delves into the cover-up attempts by the US Navy following the incident, which led to one of the most profound cover-ups in naval history. Based on handwritten notes by whistleblowers who were present during the incident, this forgotten piece of naval history has been revived and presented perfectly, providing a rare glimpse into the events that took place at the time. The book has been gaining traction since its release, with many praising its insight and attention to detail.

The Author, Kanenas, who prefers to remain anonymous to avoid government backlash, has expressed gratitude for the positive response his book has received so far. "I am thrilled that The Sargo Incident has been shortlisted for the Military Literary Guild Book of the Year award," Kanenas said. "As a writer, I always strive to provide a unique perspective on important events, and I am grateful that the judges have recognized the importance of this book."

However, not everyone is pleased with the book's inclusion on the shortlist. Some have criticized the author for hiding behind anonymity, stating that it makes the book less credible. Others have raised concerns over the book's accuracy and lack of collaboration from the Navy, suggesting that it is a work of fiction disguised as non-fiction. In response to these criticisms, a spokesperson for the publisher, Anonymous Publishing House, stated that they stand by the author's work and the book's authenticity.

"The Sargo Incident is a well-researched and impeccably presented book, and we are proud to have published it," the spokesperson said. "We understand that there may be concerns about anonymity and accuracy, but we assure readers that we have taken great care to verify the book's contents, and Kanenas' anonymity is essential to protect his safety."

Despite the mixed reactions to the book's inclusion on the shortlist, many readers have praised The Sargo Incident for shedding light on an important event in naval history that has been all but forgotten. Its inclusion on the shortlist is a testament to the author's writing skills and his ability to capture the essence of a complex and often overlooked event.

As the winner of the Military Literary Guild's Book of the Year award is yet to be announced, it remains to be seen whether The Sargo Incident will emerge victorious. Nonetheless, Kanenas and Anonymous Publishing House have done an excellent job in bringing this forgotten piece of history to the fore and shining a light on the brave whistleblowers who risked everything to expose the truth.

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