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The Sargo Incident Prints - Finally Available

Edward Murrow

10 Jan 2023

Fans Excited to Finally Get their Hands on Anonymous Jase Art-Work

Anonymous Publishing House is delighted to announce the launch of The Sargo Incident Artwork - prints by resident artist Anonymous Jase, fresh from his season in New York. After a long and arduous journey, Jase has finally brought his artwork to the world, and prints of these unique pieces are now available for purchase through the APH website.

The Sargo Incident Artwork is a beautiful and captivating collection, depicting a range of emotions and experiences from the mysterious artist. The pieces range from vibrant and energizing, to somber and reflective - each one telling a story of its own. Those who view these pieces will feel a range of emotions, while also appreciating the skill and dedication that went into the creation of each one.

“For me, art is about expressing my thoughts and feelings,” said Anonymous Jase, in a statement. “I want to put my work out there and let it speak for itself. I’m excited to share this unique artwork with the world and to see how it affects people”

Andrew Thompson, Head of Web Sales at APH, said, “We’re so proud to be the first to showcase this amazing artwork by Anonymous Jase. We’re confident that the pieces in this collection will bring joy and positivity to all who view them.” The Sargo Incident Artwork is now available for purchase from the APH website, in a range of sizes and materials.

Those who purchase these prints will be able to enjoy these unique works of art for many years to come. Whether you’re an art lover, or just looking for something special to decorate your home, the Sargo Incident Artwork is sure to be a beautiful addition to any collection.

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