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The Sargo Incident: Banned in the US, Gets Its Black Edition

Edward Murrow

19 Jan 2023

Newly Illustrated version of this instant classic

Anonymous author Kanenas is releasing a new edition of the Sargo Incident, a true-fiction story about the 1980 submarine accident at Pearl Harbour, which was covered up by the US Navy. The first edition of the book was banned on most US websites, but now a new, black edition is available directly from the anonymous publishing house’s website. The Black Edition of the Sargo Incident is filled with new artwork, details, and an interview with the author. This is a true classic, and readers would be wise to get their copy before it is banned again. The original edition of the Sargo Incident was released in 2022, and it quickly gained notoriety for its explosive content.

The book details the events surrounding the submarine accident, and the US Navy’s alleged involvement in the cover-up. It also argues that the US Navy was responsible for the deaths of the 108 sailors onboard the Sargo. The Sargo Incident is a gripping story of courage and tragedy, and it is sure to draw readers in with its carefully crafted characters, vivid setting, and masterful storytelling. With its Black Edition, readers will get an even more in-depth look into the tragedy of the Sargo Incident. The new edition of the Sargo Incident includes interviews with the author, as well as detailed accounts from survivors and those who were close to the incident.

For those looking for a riveting read, the Sargo Incident is a must-read. It is a compelling look into the past and a tribute to the sailors and their families who endured a tragedy that was never fully investigated. With its new Black Edition, readers have a chance to learn the truth behind the Sargo Incident and get an even deeper look at the events that happened.

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