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Pulitzer-Nominated Author Kanenas Returns with 'Waiting for the Barbarians: The Honolulu Quartet

Edward Murrow

9 Aug 2023

Unedited 'White Edition' to be Released on August 21st, Revealing a Raw and Unfiltered Tale of Corruption and Deception

August 1, 2023 - The Anonymous Publishing House is thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated sequel to the Pulitzer-nominated "The Sargo Incident," titled "Waiting for the Barbarians: The Honolulu Quartet," is now in post-production. Authored by the enigmatic writer Kanenas, this gripping saga is set to be released on August 21st in a limited 'White Edition,' offering readers an unedited, raw, and authentic experience.

"Waiting for the Barbarians: The Honolulu Quartet" continues the riveting journey of the protected source of Kanenas's, Michael Matrozas. Now residing in Hawaii and battling against a new wave of corruption that threatens to engulf the state. This limited 'White Edition' will be available for one month, providing readers with an unfiltered look at Kanenas' original manuscript, warts and all.

Following the 'White Edition,' a 'Black Edition' will be released, featuring a fully edited and illustrated version of the book. This edition will provide a polished and visually enriched experience, further enhancing the compelling narrative that Kanenas is renowned for.

Kanenas, who previously received a Pulitzer nomination for "The Sargo Incident," continues to unravel the depths of government secrecy and corruption in this new saga. Drawing from the personal diaries of Michael Matrozas, the narrative exposes the underbelly of corruption in Hawaii's industrial and political landscape, revealing a tale as captivating as it is enlightening.

When asked about this unique release, Kanenas shared, "The 'White Edition' of 'Waiting for the Barbarians' is a bold and unfiltered journey into the heart of corruption. It's a story told without compromise, just as I wrote it, warts and all. I believe that the rawness of this edition will allow readers to feel the urgency and the truth that lies beneath the polished surface of political intrigue. It's a glimpse into a world that many choose to ignore, but one that we must confront if we are to preserve integrity and justice."

The author's impressive background as an investigative journalist, coupled with his commitment to revealing hidden truths, ensures that "Waiting for the Barbarians: The Honolulu Quartet" is a saga steeped in meticulous research and compelling storytelling. The release of this limited 'White Edition' offers a unique opportunity for readers to experience the raw power of Kanenas' writing before the 'Black Edition' brings a refined version of the same gripping narrative.

The Anonymous Publishing House is excited to share this new chapter in Kanenas' work and looks forward to the release of both the 'White Edition' and 'Black Edition' of "Waiting for the Barbarians: The Honolulu Quartet."

Get your copy of The Sargo Incident below or find it in your local bookstore.


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