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Public Statement Following the Amazon Ban


23 May 2023


Gareth Symon: Spokesperson for The Anonymous Publishing House



Statement Regarding the Ban Imposed by Amazon's KDP on The Anonymous Publishing House

Sydney, Australia - The Anonymous Publishing House regrets to inform its readers, authors, and supporters that we have been subjected to an unexpected ban from Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

This ban, which took effect on 20/05/2023, has had a profound impact on our ability to continue sharing thought-provoking and controversial literature with our audience.

We are disheartened by the lack of transparency surrounding the ban. Amazon's notification merely cited a breach of rules and guidelines, without specifying the exact nature of the violations. While we acknowledge that one of our books allegedly violated community guidelines, we find it deeply concerning that the ban has been extended to encompass all our publications.

As a publishing house committed to providing a platform for voices often marginalized or silenced by mainstream publishers, we understand the importance of adhering to guidelines and promoting responsible discourse. We have always strived to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our publishing endeavors.

It is crucial to emphasize that the suddenness and breadth of this ban have had severe consequences for our operations. Amazon's platform serves as our primary distribution channel, and the ban has effectively brought our sales to a halt. This situation not only impacts our ability to reach our readership but also poses significant challenges to the livelihoods of our authors.

We are aware of the concerns raised by our supporters and the wider community about potential motives or biases behind this ban. While we refrain from making assumptions without clear evidence, we believe it is essential to foster an environment where diverse perspectives and controversial ideas can be respectfully shared and engaged with.

In response to this ban, we have engaged legal counsel to address the situation. Our lawyers are currently constructing a letter to Amazon, seeking clarification and an opportunity to engage in a dialogue to resolve this issue amicably. We hope that through open communication, we can reach a mutually beneficial resolution that allows us to continue our publishing activities and provide a platform for important voices in society.

We express our gratitude to our readers, authors, and supporters who have stood by us during this challenging time. Your unwavering commitment to free speech and the exploration of diverse ideas is truly inspiring. We assure you that we remain steadfast in our mission to promote intellectual freedom and contribute to the literary landscape.

Moving forward, we have taken proactive steps to mitigate the impact of the ban. We have joined the Australian Publishing Association, enabling us to access their network of bookstores and distribution channels. By diversifying our distribution strategy, we aim to ensure that our books continue to reach readers who value the alternative perspectives and critical discussions we offer.

We appreciate the ongoing support and solidarity from our community, and we will provide updates as the situation progresses. Together, we will continue to champion the importance of free expression and the power of literature to challenge, inspire, and spark meaningful conversations.

For media inquiries, please contact:

UK - 020 3404 2295

USA - 0650 278 4440

AUS - 02 9072 9499

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