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Nibiru Chronicles; 1st Edition sales pass 1000!

Edward Murrow

9 Dec 2021

Giant Milestone for Anonymous Author_Official

The first novel from the Anonymous Publishing House surges past 1000 paperback sales in its second week.

Fans of the highly controversial Anonymous Author_Official have shown their support for the unknown writer by helping him reach this important milestone far quicker than expected.

The first edition of NIBIRU Chronicles - Part One: Nibiru Rising will only be on sale for three months as the APH test the market and marketing for such a unique book and Author.

Anyone still wishing to get a copy has until the end of February to get their collectors edition, which has not been changed from the authors original manuscript.

A spokesman for APH announced, “If sales continue in this vain then we will certainly be putting Nibiru Rising into full production for the second edition which we hope to make available to the public sometime in the second quarter.”

With a great start to the campaign, let’s wait until the end of month and see where it ranks on the official Amazon Charts.

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