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Netflix in discussions with Anonymous Publishing House for the movie rights to Sargo.

Sorcha Lachlain

5 Dec 2022

On December 1st, the Chief of Marketing at the Anonymous Publishing house entered into discussions with Netflix regarding the critically acclaimed 'Sargo Incident'.

The APH, a public interest group that seeks to eradicate censorship and provide a safe house for whistleblowers, has had an extremely bemusing month. On the one hand, sales of 'The Sargo Incident' have catapulted above the teams' expectations, attracting significant critical acclaim and throwing the team into screenplay discussions with Netflix. Conversely, the White House has branded APH and its authors with the same brush as Jullian Assange or WikiLeaks, and the team has had to ramp up author deidentification protocol to increase source security.


APH has stood firm in its talks with Netflix to develop a screenplay version of 'The Sargo Incident’, despite the swift White House Press strike on the APH for the leaking of classified materials. It is no surprise that Netflix is interested in turning the ‘true fiction’ story into a screenplay. Reminiscent of Julia Robert's iconic film Erin Brockovich, the book exposes the truth about the US Navy's 1979 radiation leak and subsequent cover-up. The ship's rupture left over 200 people within a 50km radius dead or suffering from aggressive cancers and killed half the submarines crew. The main difference is - these people never got their comeuppance or had their story told - until now. APH and Netflix recognize the value that transferring the book to the screen will have in telling the story of these people to a much larger audience.


APH Director can confirm that it will be strategic in what countries the screenplay will be released, should it be made into a movie. 'The Sargo Incident', is already shadowbanned on American Amazon confirming that any further releases will need to be treated with care. Its free availability in other countries has caused it to spread like wildfire, confirming Netflix and APH have a wide range of audiences to choose from - just not America! Unfortunately, for now, the American people will need to learn about the true nature of the Submarines radiation leak by purchasing the book or viewing the handwritten scanned diaries directly from the APH Website. APH is unsure how long this access will last since the White House's statement on Thursday, November 17th: "The Anonymous Publishing House or this new author aren't any different to the illegal activities of Wiki leaks and other Anonymous organizations."


The Chief of Marketing has confirmed that: 'Kanenas and his source have not only given us unfettered control of the screenplay, they have also encouraged us to move forward with the screenplay as quickly as possible, and Kanenas himself has summoned several of his connections inside Netflix to execute the project". The book, revealing information tantamount to treason, required an extra level of author protection which is why the Chief of Marketing had Kansas step in to write the 'true fiction' story. Kanenas, an Amnesty International Press Award Recipient and well-known investigative journalist with a 25-year history of protecting sources, applied his unique writing style to the handwritten diaries, which APH intends to transfer to screen as soon as possible.

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