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Mondays with Anonymous Mullane - EP04

Danny Mullane

31 July 2023

Everybody wins in todays woke crap.

The Following Article is an Opinion Piece written by The Anonymous Author Mullane. This article respresents his views and not that of The Anonymous Publishing House. Free speech as well as freedom of expression and opinion are a fundimental and natural right for all. Censorship will only ever silence the truth and in the persuit of free speech there may be times where you read words objectionable to you and your beliefs. Either contest and debate the opinions expressed, or skip to the next article/video.

We might not agree with the words written below, but we will fight til our last breath for the authors rights to say them.

Everyone Is a Winner

Today we are teaching our children to accept meritocracy as the norm.

No more winners or losers.

Example, when my youngest daughter was 12 she participated in a combined schools cross-country run, She trained for weeks me sitting on an oval as she ran around it. Running up sand hills and the steepest street we could find. 

On the day her mother and I attended proud parents.

The race started our little girl was up with the front pack and disaster another competitor accidently knocked her over her leg was grazed and bleeding. She picked herself and and tried harder. Her face was red we witnessed every fibre in her body straining. She came first. Her mother and I had tears of joy we were so proud. Our daughter was born with a heart condition that was cured by modern medicine.

What an effort. 

We along with all the other parents and teachers stood watching waiting for the presentation. A trophy, a winners sash. Sadly no our daughter for her effort received a participation ribbon identical to the competitor that came last.. The next year our daughter never competed.

This modern attitude to woke culture has peamiated other sports. For the last two years I have taken my grandson to football first year he played rugby league, this year he is playing AFL. Do you know there is no winner they don't even keep score, no finalists, no grand final? 

We must teach our children in life there are winners and unfortunately, there are also losers. Failure is part of the journey. Failure is designed so you strive to improve your personal best. You strive to be a winner. Not merely a participant. Children should be taught to go out and give it their best shot. And we should be equally proud if they came first or last as long as they did give it their best shot.

Danny Mullane

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