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Joy Reid and MSNBC Target Anonymous Publishing House

Edward Murrow

15 Aug 2022

Racist host of Prime Time show responds to APH Video message asking her to tone it down.

Joy Reid of the Prime Time MSNBC Show "Reid Out'" was the target of a Video message from the Anonymous Author_Official in August of 2022.

The Tiktok Video Entitled "Anonymous Message to Joy Reid", reached over a half million views and clocked up over 500 shares within a few weeks leading to a Tweet from the Prime Time Host in which she stated. "Nothing screams White privilage more than a group of ignorant bigots hiding behind a White mask to try and attack a black woman."

Joy Reid has walked a tight line between anti white racism and pro black statements during the last 6 months as her show continues to sow division and scream victimhood at the top of its lungs. In the Video the Anonymous Author is heard asking the 54 Year Old Reid to "Judge people on the content of their character not the colour of their skin."

Reid didnt seem to like APH quoting MLK and was quick to accuse the organisation of being linked in its history to the KKK.

See the video that started it all below and let us know what

you think.

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