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First Anonymous Publishing 'Memoir' Hits the Shelves

Sorcha Lachlain

28 Nov 2022

"I was shot, stabbed, bashed, glassed, and car firebombed. I'm still breathing."

With new methods to distance the publishing house from the author, Anonymous Publishing House has decided to release a white edition of Mullanes' Memoirs on November 21st.


Mullane's True Story occurred from the 1960s onwards in Sydney. Unbeknownst to many, this was a time when car dealers didn't just sell cars, and corruption was seen as just another way to get things done. The deadly nature of Sydney's underworld saw many attempts on Mullane's life over forty years, but as the book conveys, he did not let this sour his approach to people or humanity.


A new Australian Legend is born and his story reads like a hilarious, raunchy comedy straight out of Hollywood. Mullane was shot at, stabbed, glassed, and bombed as he penetrated Sydney's world of organized crime and corruption. Likely to end up on the next season of Underbelly, Mullane's new tell-all memoir candidly shares his deep insight into crime and corruption with us. His days of owning the most successful gay bar in Queensland gave him the insight he needed to penetrate and pay off the NSW police and flood the market with illegal gambling. This 'car dealer' quickly learned that bribery was a way of doing business and that often the only person unaware of who was going to win a horse race was the punter!


Car Dealers & Other Professions is truly a tale of contrasts. Mullane may have fixed the odd horse race from time to time or stole a mob boss's wife, but he also worked hard to find homes for lost children and protect those suffering in the gay community. So it was no surprise when interviewing Mullane that he immediately put forward an apology for his wayward ways, stating: "I apologize for my errant ways; it's not who I am; it's what I did. Nobody can change the past".


While the daring tale brazenly documents much 'under the counter' activity, Mullane's memoir exudes a deep insight procured from the benefit of hindsight that will endear you to one of the most dangerous and unpunished organized crime criminals Sydney has to offer. In the words of Mullane himself: 'We learn from mistakes and become better people. We are all products of our times".

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