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FBI Protecting Biden Millions

Jesse Saunders

10 June 2023

Biden's $10 Million Bribery Bombshell: Scandalous Pay-to-Play Scheme Exposed!

We are witnessing groundbreaking revelations regarding undisclosed information contained within a confidential document associated with the Biden administration. The contents of this document have surfaced with an explosive allegation, causing a stir in recent reports. Unnamed sources, who are knowledgeable about the document, have disclosed to Fox News Digital that a staggering amount of $10 million in bribes was purportedly paid to both Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden by Ukraine during Joe Biden's tenure as Vice President.

An individual with immense credibility, operating as a confidential source, engaged in multiple face-to-face meetings and discussions spanning a five-year period with a high-ranking executive from Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where Hunter Biden held a position. The crucial nature of these conversations prompted the source to provide information to the FBI in June 2020, coinciding with Joe Biden's final stages of securing the Democrat nomination.

According to the source, the Burisma executive divulged to the confidential informant that the company felt compelled to remunerate the Biden administration in exchange for assistance in eliminating a Ukrainian prosecutor who had initiated a corruption investigation into Burisma. Shockingly, the executive explicitly mentioned that "$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden" was required.

Insiders who have reviewed the document have drawn attention to the $5 million payments, characterizing them as a type of retainer agreement enabling Burisma to enlist the aid of the Biden administration on various matters, including the removal of the prosecutor. Additionally, Burisma sought Biden's influence in matters pertaining to oil deals. Remarkably, the executive asserted that Joe Biden's involvement was necessary due to his perception of Hunter's limited capabilities, describing him as "dumb" and unable to achieve substantial outcomes independently. Observers familiar with the document have opined that it seemingly reflects a disturbing pay-to-play arrangement.

The confidential source claimed that the Burisma executive meticulously executed the payments to the Bidens through a convoluted network of diverse bank accounts, deliberately complicating the investigation process for at least a decade. This modus operandi bears similarities to the alleged Chinese payments to the Biden administration, which involved laundering money through an intricate web of LLCs. Notably, the document references Joe Biden as the enigmatic "Big Guy," a term previously disclosed through information found on Hunter's laptop. The Burisma executive informed the source that payments to the "Big Guy" were not made directly.

When confronted with these bribery allegations, Joe Biden responded dismissively, posing the question, "Where's the money?" It is worth noting that substantial amounts, totaling $6 million, were traced to various bank accounts held by Biden family members, elucidating the destination of the funds. In light of these circumstances, one must scrutinize whether Joe Biden can genuinely claim innocence if his entire family received money and he facilitated the transaction.

Recalling past events, it is important to note that Donald Trump faced impeachment for his request to investigate the aforementioned pay-to-play scheme involving Ukraine. The impeachment process was instigated by a CIA whistleblower with close ties to Biden, who leaked the contents of the Zelenskyy phone call to Adam Schiff. The tables have turned dramatically, as Joe Biden, who is now investigating Donald Trump, possesses the authority to potentially subject him to arrest. The individual who originally exposed Biden's alleged acceptance of bribes might find himself on the receiving end of retribution. Consequently, calls to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden have gained traction.

Article 26 of the Constitution outlines the grounds for impeachment, which encompass treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Representative James Comer, at the helm of the House Oversight Committee, has successfully obtained records from one of the banks employed by the Biden administration, revealing an astonishing $6 million in Chinese bribe payments.

With a total of 11 banks implicated, it becomes imperative to conduct impeachment hearings, meticulously gather all pertinent Biden bank records, and unravel the intricate web of illicit funds exchanged for American policy decisions. The sanctity of American policy, our policy, must never be compromised for personal gain. If the allegations hold true, Joe Biden would have compromised the nation, an act tantamount to high treason.

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