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Anonymous Publishing Houses' latest three-book deal

Sorcha Lochlain

25 Oct 2022

Anonymous Publishing Houses' latest three-book deal exposes the truth about the US Navy’s Sargo Incident

Sargo, the eighty-one metre, nuclear reactor-powered submarine, was launched on October 10th, 1957, by the US Navy and retired under significant controversy. Kanenas, an investigative Journalist for over 25 years, has the diaries and verbal account of an ex-presidential advisor and general US Navy Mr. Fix-it. “Finally we will relinquish the full particulars of what happened to Sargo.”


To celebrate, APH will release Kanenas' unedited and unchanged book in full on November 8th, 2022. The unique White Edition soft copy will be available for a limited period.


As an executive of the National Energy Policy Development Group for four years, The source for this True Fiction Novel, consulted directly with the President on multiple occasions, was ranked as one of the top 2000 most intelligent people in the USA, and with a CV as long as his tales about the corruption and cover-ups he witnessed. It's no surprise he quickly gained station at the presidential advisory level for the United States American Government. Over and above his service to the NEPDG, Kanenas's source, bring 50 years of experience as a top-secret-level civil engineer.

His dedication to the publics' greater good saw him work on huge budgets overseeing projects at all levels of Government, including; military base infrastructure, fossil fuel-fired power plants and central heating plants, municipal incinerators, and superheated boiler steam plants. But it also saw him simultaneously scramble to fix and cover up major design flaws in machinery the US Navy insisted on using despite the danger to its people and the general populace.

The Anonymous Author Kanenas, previously with the Washington Post, New York Times and Greek for "No-one," says he "Stumbled,” upon the source whilst working another story in Hawaii and has hand written diaries of the days, weeks and months before and after the disaster at Pearl Harbour in 1979, which to this day still hasn’t even been acknowledged.”

To that end, he has teamed up with the Anonymous Publishing House, a public interest group that seeks to kill off censorship and provide a safe house for whistleblowers. All names in the True Fiction Thriller have been preserved! Revealing the depth of American corruption. Kanenas's sources meticulous, handwritten diaries reveal the lengths the Navy has gone to keep the truth of Sargo, Pearl Harbor and their nuclear-powered submarines from the hands of the public. Including the rejection of many formal inquiry requests.

In the author's words, "It is not what you know; it's who you know. Until you know what I know."

The White Edition, which goes on sale today, will give astute investors access to a beautiful, soft copy collectors edition of the true fiction thriller. Reining straight from Kanenas handwritten and verified notes, the unedited and unchanged White Edition is available for purchase online for one month only. On December 18th, 2022, the Black Edition release becomes available. The Black Edition is a hard-cover copy publisher polished copy of the true fiction thriller. Order your collector's copy while you still can.

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