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Anonymous Publishing House Launches Memoirs

Sorcha Lochlain

3 Nov 2022

New Swayth of Whistle Blowers and True Crime Books to Come From APH

Anonymous declares that from November 21st, 2022, the public can "expect a resurgence" of exiled whistleblowers revealing stories of government persecution, religious abuse, and conspiracy – As The Anonymous Publishing House releases its ‘Memoirs’ series to the public and to future authors.

In line with Anonymous' commitment to freedom of speech and the erosion of censorship, the Anonymous Publishing House launch gives these heroes a safe option to recount their stories by releasing – Memoirs. This way any author can deliver their story without fear of persecution or prosecution and we the public can all hear a good tale.


Anonymous was formed in 2003 to maintain international freedom of speech, erode censorship, and give controversial or taboo issues center stage. In the nearly twenty years since its inception, a multitude of citizens have joined the fight for true freedom of information. Lamentably, essential witnesses to government wrongdoing have been silenced - unable to 'blow the whistle' out of fear of ostracism - and their apprehension is not unfounded. Mental health problems in whistleblowers are significantly greater than among the general AND disabled public. One study reported that 48% of whistleblowers hit the diagnostic threshold for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Another whistleblowing survey in the healthcare setting showed consequences ranging from occupational, legal, financial, and socioemotional to character assassination.


APH set out to give anyone a voice, to tell their story. Be it through the Anonymous Fiction section of their business or now through the Anonymous Memoirs section. Starting on the 1st of December with the Sydney Gangster Danny Mullane (name changed).


For further information check out our website or contact our press team on.

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