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Anonymous Chief of Marketing appoints a news team

Sorcha Lochlain

21 Nov 2022

Anonymous Chief of Marketing appoints a news team to advance the mission of bringing buried writers back to mainstream media.


Effective immediately, a news team has been appointed to the Anonymous Publishing House (APH) to bring blocked authors to the forefront of mainstream media. The news team has toiled under News Corp Australia for a collective 35 years, leaving APH with high hopes for the backlog of manuscripts it currently holds. The purpose of this morning's meeting became immediately apparent: unleash the truth of the APH authors using disruptive force.


This morning at 6 am, the Chief of Marketing, known as 'G,' granted a brand-new news team the authority to unsettle the collective mainstream media "with urgency." Mission parameters for the astute squad quickly became evident: fortify and reinforce authors committed to disrupting the status quo. The news team is in a stellar position to execute the assignment. Systematically selected by 'G' to ensure maximum impact, the troop possesses an impressive intersection of industry accomplishments, expansive networks from decades of media industry involvement, and experience in assisting those who have thrown themselves under the bus in their commitment to exonerating the truth. 

Despite the mammoth task of penetrating mainstream media, APH holds high hopes for the new marketing department. The common pursuit between the APH authors and the news team is already developing a rapid bond. Similar to the authors that the APH serves, the news line-up has long struggled to stay a silent party to the blatant broadcasting bias within News Corp Australias organizations. A discomfort that sees them now "cross to the other side." To contextualize, mainstream media became dominated by industry mogul Rupert Murdoch, who inherited a string of news companies from his father at 22. An astute businessman, he began increasing his media market share worldwide with great success, employing a distressing aggregate of American and Australian journalists. He is currently in charge of majority market shares in Fox and Sky News in America - if he doesn't want you to see it, you won't see it. 

Rupert broadcasts his interests across every state and territory on radio and across two-thirds of print news media in Australia. And, despite being born in 1931, he has moved swiftly with the modern media changes, amassing a considerable portion of contemporary news websites. But while Rupert may control a colossal percentage of journalists in America and Australia, he doesn't have any rights to those inside the Anonymous Publishing House! In fact, it's quite the opposite: they're here and ready, with hard feelings.

For Further Information Contact: Marketing Team

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