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Anonymous Author Reuben Joins APH

Edward Murrow

16 Jan 2023

5th Author Joins Disruptor of Publishing Industry - Anonymous Publishing House

Anonymous Publishing House is elated to announce the signing of The Anonymous Author Reuben to their growing roster of writers. Reuben has an incredible track record and is sure to bring many unique and compelling stories to the publishing house. Reuben is an amazingly talented individual, having trained as a Jesuit priest in Europe, and having worked with indigenous tribes in Latin America.

Reuben has a deep understanding of ancient cultures and beliefs, and has come to realize that these should not be destroyed by contemporary culture. This realization led Reuben to leave the established church and pursue other interests. Reuben is a translator, poet, playwright, anthropologist, and disruptor, and has written a number of powerful and moving works. Reuben brings to light the criminal conspiracies of the power elite through crime fiction, magical realism, steam punk, and sci-fi. Reuben masterfully blends these genres together to create an immersive and engaging experience for all readers.

Reuben's debut novel with Anonymous Publishing House is 'How to Live Forever', which promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking read. The story follows a group of characters as they navigate their way through a world of criminal conspiracies, magical realism, and futuristic technology in order to discover the secrets of immortality. Anonymous Publishing House is thrilled to have Reuben join their family and looks forward to the amazing works Reuben will bring to the publishing house in the future. It is sure to be an exciting and fascinating journey for both Reuben and Anonymous Publishing House!

Find out more about the Author below.

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