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Anonymous Author Kanenas Signs with Anonymous Publishing

Edward Murrow

6 Sept 2022

Naval Secrets, Long Forgotten, Fall Into the Hands of APH

Exciting news travelled the halls of The Anonymous Publishing House today as an ex Presidential advisor and Naval powerhouse finally put pen to paper on a 3 book deal exposing corruption at all levels of government.

Taking on the Title - Kanenas, The Anonymous Author Kanenas has spent the last 5 years in retirement after a working career that took in such institutions as The Washington Post, The New York Times and even time in the Whitehouse Press Core.

Now with a bag full of stories his editors dont want to touch, he finally has an outlet to share them without fear of being cancelled or targetted in anyway.

When asked why he would share all the secrets he learned whilst working with the White House, The Anonymous Author Kanenas replied. "I'm at the stage of my life where I love to share a tale, and with each of these books I have taken the Truth, and sprinkled in enough of a tale that I do hope and expect my family and I will be left safe and alone."

His First book, The Sargo Incident focusses on his first experience with Classified information as it delves into the US Navy's most successful cover up. In 1979 The Sargo limped into Pearl Harbour after suffering catestrophic failure in containing the ships nuculear reactor. The crew were beyond help and suffered the effects of direct radiation poisening, all under the guise of a training excersise.

For decades the locals have know there is something in the water. Together with the Anonymous Publishing House, The Anonymous Author Kanenas and his Source on the ground will expose that to the world.

Find more information about the Author below.

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