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Anonymous Author Kanenas Nominated for Pulitzer Prize

Edward Murrow

20 June 2023

"Explosive Book 'The Sargo Incident' Nominated for Pulitzer Prize - A Gripping Tale of Government Secrets Unveiled"

The Anonymous Publishing House is thrilled to announce that "The Sargo Incident," written by the enigmatic author Kanenas, has been nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. This captivating book, which exposes decades-old government secrets, has garnered immense attention for its thought-provoking narrative and meticulous research.

In "The Sargo Incident," Kanenas takes readers on a thrilling journey through history, unearthing the hidden truths surrounding two tragic events that shook the United States Navy to its core. The first incident revolves around the ill-fated USS Scorpion, a nuclear attack submarine that mysteriously sank in 1968. With only two survivors, questions lingered for years, and Kanenas brings forth a compelling account, raising doubts about the official explanation.

The second incident, which occurred in 1979, centers around the USS Sargo, a submarine plagued by a catastrophic nuclear leak that claimed the lives of numerous crew members and unsuspecting locals in Pearl Harbor. Through the eyes of Michael Matrozos, a distinguished engineer and eyewitness to the Navy's attempts to cover up the Sargo Incident, readers are taken deep into a world of deception, threats, and the lengths to which the Navy would go to protect its secrets.

The author, Kanenas, possesses a remarkable background as an investigative journalist, having worked for prestigious publications such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. With over 20 years of experience, Kanenas has encountered countless stories of corruption and cover-ups, many of which were deemed too risky to publish by left-wing editors. Drawing on this expertise, Kanenas weaves a gripping tale that exposes the design flaws aboard early nuclear submarines and the Navy's relentless efforts to keep them hidden.

When asked about the inspiration behind "The Sargo Incident," Kanenas shared a quote exclusively with The Anonymous Publishing House: "This novel is the culmination of a buried story I stumbled upon in the 1980s. It unravels the threads of a nuclear spill at Pearl Harbor and the Navy's systematic attempts to bury the truth. Through 'The Sargo Incident,' I aim to shed light on the faults within the Navy's operations and the impact of those faults on countless lives."

The Pulitzer Prize committee is known for its commitment to honoring outstanding works across various genres. However, questions arise concerning the eligibility of books authored by anonymous writers. The Anonymous Publishing House, acting under source protection acts, has opted to submit an image of the author's choosing, or none at all, to ensure the author's anonymity. The committee will need to address this unique situation and determine the criteria for evaluation.

Considering the substantial historical research and the gripping narrative of "The Sargo Incident," it is without a doubt that this groundbreaking book falls squarely within the genre of "History." With meticulous attention to detail and first-hand accounts drawn from handwritten diaries spanning over five decades, Kanenas provides an unprecedented perspective on these tragic events.

The Anonymous Publishing House eagerly awaits the Pulitzer Prize committee's decision on the eligibility of "The Sargo Incident." The recognition of this remarkable book would not only honor Kanenas's dedication to unveiling hidden truths but also underscore the importance of shedding light on government secrecy and its consequences.

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