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Anonymous Author Eastwood Joins Anonymous Publishing House

Edward Murrow

6 Jan 2023

6th Anonymous Author Joins APH - Bringing 'The Oringe Tree' to life

Anonymous Publishing House is ecstatic to announce the signing of The Anonymous Author Eastwood, who will be part of the Anonymous Memoirs series. Eastwood's novel is a true story about a tragic death, based on an old diary found when cleaning out the belongings of a deceased uncle. Known as the Oringe Tree, the Short story is based off of the diaries found in a deadly murder suicide case.

The story was so compelling that the author wanted to share it but was politically sensitive, so it was decided that the author would remain anonymous and publish using the fake name Anonymous Author Eastwood. The diary tells the story of a man dealing with the tragic death of a loved one, and the struggles he faced while coming to terms with their loss.

This emotionally charged story will captivate readers, as it delves into the hearts and minds of each character, exploring the personal battles and heartbreak that the family must all face. The Anonymous Memoirs series is an important part of Anonymous Publishing House and is dedicated to bringing powerful stories to life. Eastwood's novel is sure to be a powerful addition to the series, and readers can look forward to a touching and heart-wrenching story.

We are thrilled to welcome Anonymous Author Eastwood and their work to the Anonymous Publishing House family and are eagerly awaiting the release of this emotionally charged short story. It is sure to be an incredible and unforgettable experience for all readers.

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