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The Anonymous Author Reuben is a multi-talented individual with a vast array of skills and knowledge. Trained as a Jesuit priest in Europe, Reuben has since worked with indigenous tribes in Latin America. Through this experience, Reuben has come to the realization that ancient beliefs should not be destroyed by contemporary culture or treated as inferior. Following this realization, He left the established church and pursued other passions but given his past, he writes under the Anonymity of Reuben.

As a translator, poet, playwright, anthropologist, and disruptor, Reuben's voices and ideas reach far and wide. Reuben's novels are powerful and poignant, bringing to light the criminal conspiracies of the power elite through crime fiction, magical realism, steam punk, and sci-fi.

Reuben's debut novel with The Anonymous Publishing House is 'How to Live Forever', which is sure to captivate readers and spark meaningful conversations. Reuben has an incredible ability to bring their stories to life in an immersive and engaging way, and this is sure to be an exciting experience for all readers.

We are thrilled to welcome Reuben and their work to The Anonymous Publishing House family, and we look forward to witnessing the amazing stories Reuben will share with us in the future.

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