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Anonymous Author Fleming Launches at Anonymous Publishing House

Fans of the James Bond series will be excited to hear that the anonymous publishing house has signed two new authors, known only as The Anonymous Authors Fleming. These talented writers will be bringing their unique vision to the James Bond franchise, creating new adventures for the beloved characters. 


The Anonymous Authors Fleming have stated that they are dedicated to creating true fan fiction, offering fresh perspectives on the classic series while also paying tribute to the original works. They plan on "respoking" the James Bond classics in print fan fiction, bringing a new energy and excitement to these beloved stories. 


"We are thrilled to be working with the anonymous publishing house and to have the opportunity to contribute to James Bond legacy," said The Anonymous Authors Fleming. "We can't wait for fans to see what we have in store for these iconic characters." 


Details on the new James Bond novels are being kept under wraps for now, but fans can expect thrilling new adventures and a fresh take on the beloved characters. The anonymous publishing house is confident that The Anonymous Authors Fleming will bring a unique and exciting perspective to the series, and fans will not be disappointed. 


Keep an eye out for updates and announcements from The Anonymous Authors Fleming and the Anonymous Publishing House, as they continue to work on these highly anticipated novels. It's sure to be an exciting time for fans of James Bond as these talented writers bring new life to what is becoming a stale version of the classic Fleming Novels. 

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